Month: November 2013

Always Funny: Bengt Washburn

It’s Always Funny was very excited to interview the enormously funny Bengt Washburn this week.  Bengt is one of our favorite touring comics around and we were stoked when he agreed to talk with us.  Bengt has toured all over the United States and even has done some international shows.  Earlier this year he “killed it” on Conan on TBS. Bengt talks about how to beat a general at Risk, what being on Conan is all about and some deeds on his upcoming DVD recording. If you have never have been to a Bengt show, it is something that...

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Always Funny: Rodney Norman

I don’t know if you know, but we talked with Rodney Norman this week on It’s Always Funny in Salt Lake City.  Dare I say it was an honor and privilege to be able to ask some questions, laugh a little and learn a few things. Rodney parlays his sage advice about standup comedy, he uses big words, talks about annoying animals and why the local comedy scene needs more Scottish influence. You really should check it out because you will learn things, things that only can be read. You can see him at Wiseguys Ogden this weekend, there...

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Always Funny: Brent “B-Real” Robinson

This week we have Brent “BReal” Robinson on It’s Always Funny in Salt Lake City.  Brent is a relatively new comic taking the scene by storm.  He hosts, feature, headlines All kinds of events. His stage persona is high energy and will bring crowds to their feet. When I was told that he had only been doing comedy for less than a year… I was shocked.  He commands a comedy room like a seasoned pro. “BReal” has in the short time done things that have taken others years to do.  Hosting an event at the U92 Summer Jam and...

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