Month: July 2014

Always Funny: Andy Gold

Always Funny in Salt Lake City interviewed one of the most genuinely funny comics in town, Andy Gold, this week.  The seasoned comic can be seen almost weekly at any of the Wiseguys comedy clubs and for good reason, he is funnier than watching someone punch a kitten. We talk about religious view of Where’s Waldo, addiction, New York and LA and chocolate. He will be headlining at Wiseguys WVC this Friday at 8 pm.  If you don’t go, you are a dick head and I hate you.  So there’s that. Describe yourself in 10 words or less? I’m being...

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Always Funny: Nicholas Smith

So, this week’s interview is waaaay long past due.  We have the honor to interview one of my dearest friends on this planet, Nicholas Smith.  The round, the raunchy, the lovable comedian has been ripping the local comedy scene a new one for a while now and only a locomotive full of weapons of mass destruction and blow up dolls can stop his momentum. Nicholas is a staple at every venue in the bar scene and leaves a path of guilty pleasure laughter in his wake.  We talk about how he comes up with his trademark material, which animal...

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Always Funny: Toy Soup

To commemorate the launch of the ALL NEW It’s Always Funny in Salt Lake City we interview the improv powerhouse, Toy Soup.  This veteran improv duo consists of no-souled ginger Andrew Jensen and shaggy-haired transient Troy Taylor. We discuss sugar cookies, offspring and a bunch of other stuff that doesn’t really make sense. These gentlemen are performing everywhere and now have a month show at Sandy Station.  Go see it or you will be a soulless demon like Andrew and no one wants that. Describe yourself in 10 words or less? The Two Headed Monster from Sesame Street. If...

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