The Salt Lake Comedy Carnivale is back in full force for it’s second year on September 25-28.  Utah’s only submission based comedy festival will  feature 3 unique headerliners, 41 standup comedians and 9 Improv troupes from all over the United States.  Many of the accepted performers have acting and writing credits for popular television shows and span from Portland to Los Angeles to Toronto and New York.  The Carnivale will also include sketch and comedy films as well.

It’s Always Funny in Salt Lake City is proud to be a sponsor of the SLC Carnivale and host of the “Best of Fest” show at our venue, Keys on Main.
Other shows will be all over the Salt Lake Valley at venues with a history of comedy.  Make sure to come check out a show or the whole festival. Tickets go on sale soon.

Check out the awesome lineup that has been selected below.






SLCC_AOrlovitz_StandupSLCC_AbbeyJordan_StandupSLCC_AFish_StandupSLCC_AlienWarriorComic_StandupSLCC_AMichaan_StandupSLCC_AFarnsworth_StandupSLCC_BarbaraGray_StandupSLCC_BPope_StandupSLCC_CStephenson_StandupSLCC_CEden_Standup SLCC_DeanWeber_Standup SLCC_DFelts_Standup SLCC_DField_Standup SLCC_JBanks_Standup SLCC_JHarvey_Standup SLCC_JMundy_Standup SLCC_JohnHilder_Standup SLCC_JohnMorison_Standup SLCC_JonathonRowell_Standup SLCC_JonnyBrandin_StandupSLCC_JMazziotti_StandupSLCC_JWilliams_StandupSLCC_LKellywood_StandupSLCC_LauraCrawford_StandupSLCC_LeviRounds_StandupSLCC_LucasDick_StandupSLCC_MStewart_StandupSLCC_MBryant_StandupSLCC_MelissaMerlot_StandupSLCC_MikeGrover_StandupSLCC_NOtt_Standup2SLCC_NMower_StandupSLCC_NSmith_StandupSLCC_NMalis_StandupSLCC_PSchallberger_StandupSLCC_RMaczuzak_StandupSLCC_RSchutt_StandupSLCC_SRoper_StandupSLCC_YKawamata_Standup