Spence Roper

Spence was born and raised and married and divorced and married in Logan, a college town in northern Utah (Cache Valley) where he still resides.

Spence grew up in humble circumstances, but has been able to overcome his humble upbringing and is now pretty conceited. Although he has been performing regularly for only a few years, he is often referred to as “The Big Deal in Utah Comedy” by himself in this bio he wrote.

Spence loves using his sense of humor as a means to pass the time and stay awake while driving a bus (part time job), but it has also proven useful in crafting stand-up comedy specially formulated to make you laugh out loud and help you regrow hair naturally*.

*Not applicable to people with bad attitudes.

Spence tackles the tough questions in his comedy we have all asked ourselves at one time or another. Questions like “Are you sure all these kids are mine?”, “Is everything I’ve heard about buses true”, and “What are condoms? Of course I know what they are. You thought I didn’t know? Ha. Ha. I was just checking to see if you knew. So if you know, why don’t you tell me because I know but want to see if you do?” and many, many other interesting and hilarious questions about things people from Logan DO know about.

Bottom line: When the girls in high school wrote “You’re so funny. Never change. Stay cool and cute,” in his freshman yearbook, he did exactly that, because he is a gentleman who respects women. Come and see for yourself. Bring money.

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