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Travis Rasmussen was raised mainly in Ogden, Utah, having spent a portion of his adolescence living in Belen, New Mexico, because of his troubled youth. He ended up making it out of the desert and happily calls Ogden his home. Travis graduated from Weber High School and Weber State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Travis began doing comedy in 2009 when he experienced an existential funk as a social service worker and went through a very difficult divorce. Travis turned to comedy to find away to laugh through his own personal pain. Travis escaped a life of government sub servitude and ineffectiveness as a state employee and focused all of his energy on his passions: Tarot Readings and Rune Castings, producing and performing comedy, photography, art, and out door adventures of all types.

 Travis focuses on elevating the people around him, be it through communing with nature and the universe through the Tarot and Runes, or through what he calls “the sacred path of the clown”, a spiritual pathway that focuses on taking the sacred silence of topics that aren’t typically discussed,  creating sacred anxiety by making light of it, and thus producing sacred laughter, which he believes can help in the process of opening doorways for the taboo to be talked about and explored. Travis looks at comedy as sacred healing path, where artists are able to talk about the taboo, make light of the absurd that we encounter on a daily basis, make sense of it somehow, laugh, and move forward. Travis isn’t afraid to talk about any topic on stage as he focuses on his ability to take your perspective, turn it on it’s head, and laugh about it.

Travis humanizes himself on stage sayin, “So, I work as a psychic, and a comedian. . . basically, I just like to hear myself talk, and when I am right about something, I attribute it to psychic ability, when I’m wrong, . . .  just kidding.. . . and Odin forbid, I’m not funny,  I was just trying to be psychic, gimme a break.”

Travis co-produces, two weekly shows with his production company that he co-founded with Josh Nufrio and Steve Uribe, 2 of Us Entertainment, which provides the entertainment for the “Ogden is the New Black” show at the Moviegrille, on Thursday evenings each week from 7-9pm, as well as “Knockout Comedy” at Bout Time Pub and Grub in Ogden, Sunday evenings from 7-9pm.

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Travis is available to perform comedy every other weekend as he balances being a daddy on top of all of his passions, his little lady is his priority.