What is the name of your show?

Comedy Fest 2014

When is your show being held?

Saturday January 25th at 10 pm

What is the location and cost of the show?

University Marriott amphitheater and 480 Wakara Way in Salt Lake City.
Its free but there will be a tip jar to offset the cost of renting the space.


What is the purpose of your show?

Simply to entertain and give some of these great local comics some exposure

Who is performing on your show? Describe each performer in 5 words?


Jackson Banks
So funny I hate him


Connor James
Baby faced future serial killer


Wallace Fetzer
Young and awkward Jerry Seinfeld


Jonathan Falconer
The funniest corrupted returned missionary

Greg Standup Shot

Greg Kyte
The angriest public accountant ever

Deep in confused thought

Jordon Mazziotti
Best dressed Greg Kyte impersonator ever


Christopher James
24 hour fitness slow clap hero


Tasha Mower
The token girl and lesbian


Patrick Ramirez
The whitest brown guy you know


and last minute addition
Alex Velluto!


Hosted by Dustin Adams
the @$!#&* who wrote this

Why should people come to your show?

If you wanna see some of the finest up and coming comedians in Utah…the nation….nay the world!