It’s Always Funny interviewed one of the biggest up and comers of Utah comedy scene. She is fresh off her victory at the Salt Lake Comedy Festival’s One Mic Stand Competition. I know… a big deal!

We talk about names, making fun of a word mistake I made and the Utah comedy.

She will be on the Inaugural It’s Always Funny in Salt Lake City Comedy Showcase on May 25th. That is how much we think of her. She is special… but not like “special” special.

Describe yourself in 10 words or less?

Unfounded confidence and kind of a dick.

If you could rename your child using 2 different names from US history, what would you rename your kid?

Nathaniel Bacon, because he was all like, I’m going to start a revolution!  and then pooped himself to death.  And dysentery is the funniest disease that kills millions and Grandma Moses bc she’s a BAMF (Bad Ass Mother F*@%er)

51dDHSgRS2L._SS500_As a connoisseur of trucker hats, do you own this one? If not, why the heck not?

I don’t. Because I’m the worst

There is a train traveling from Chicago at 115 mph and a train traveling from Eureka, California traveling at 134 mph.  Why are you still using trains are your mode of transportation?

I think you meant ‘as your mode of transportation.’  Thanks… I am an idiot.

What got you started in stand up comedy?

People were like you are funny, you should do stand up.  

abby_thoughtHow does the comedy scene you started in compare to Salt Lake?

I started at BYU.  They are great.  The Salt Lake Scene is much more lenient to exploring weird stuff and acknowledging the existence of risque stuff like anatomy and the gays.  also suicide jokes.

Who has been the biggest help for you in your comedy career?

My mom.  Ha! Ha!  Boom! Fellow comic camaraderie and mentorship, My comedy bosses, Lindsey Forbes and Megan Moser, the people I work with who very graciously put up with my constant stream of sexual harassment and obscenities.  My baby, Aaron, and lastly my sister.

You have performed at BYU Humor U, Wiseguys and at local bars, what is the biggest challenge when performing for these different audiences?  

BYU:  pretty easy crowd, as long as you are ridiculously clean and don’t mention unpleasantness.  Wiseguys:  THE BEST!!!  It’s that Timm Thorn, he’s SO welcoming.  Seriously my personal favorite, because its the most challenging to me, maybe because people have the highest expectations.  Local bars are also sweet!!! Smaller crowds are more difficult, but it is a more intimate setting to be able to look into the eyes of the people who are silently judging you.  I did Movie Grille and had a blast.  It was well lit, which usually I don’t prefer, but by the end I felt super close to the audience so that was weird.  Basically I like doing comedy anywhere and everywhere.


Was has been your biggest accomplishment as a comedian so far?

I made a lady choke she laughed so hard.   And/or didn’t know how to eat correctly.

How do you balance being a comedian, a mom, a wife, a Mormon, a janitor and whatever zodiac sign your are? Seems like too much, give us your secret!

I’m also a Recreation Therapist and I sell freaky unicorn paintings on Ebay.  The secret is it’s way too much and Im failing at all of them.  I think I’m for reals going insane.  My life is falling apart.  Also an excessive amount of stimulants.


Who have been some of you favorite comedians to perform with?

I have a long list.  like a really long list.  The only person I don’t like working with is Marty.  He’s the worst.  Just kidding.  I actually super like Marty except when he’s like “I’m good with kids.”

Have you ever had an applause break?  Did you have to tell the crowd to stop?

Hahaha yes, and I never tell the crowd to stop.  I wait as long as they’ll go and breathe that shiz in.

1536662_10101372076110449_8156813294146404551_nWhat do you think of the Utah Comedy Scene?

I love the SLC comedy scene!  I hope it continues to grow, there are lots of super talented comedians in SLC and I’m excited to watch their careers.

As one of like 7 to 13 female comedians in Utah, which ones do you think you could defeat in a battle of fisticuffs?

All of them.  I’m too lazy to google fisticuffs.

What shows do you have coming up?

May 14, something in park city
May 17, something I dont have deets for
May 25th Keys on Main

How can people connect with you? 

@abigailharriso on twitter