What is the name of your show?

Local Comedy All-Stars

When is your show being held?

January 10th at 7:30pm

What is the location and cost of the show?

The Laugh Lounge in Lumpy’s South in Sandy (8925 Harrison Street
Sandy, Utah) It’s only $3 to attend.


What is the purpose of your show?

This show is to showcase some of Utah’s best talent. We will have multiple of these showcases through out the year. We will also be keeping the tickets at a really affordable price. Also if you haven’t seen this room it’s a great room for comedy. Lumpy’s South really had comedy in mind when they put this room together.

Who is performing on your show? Describe each performer in 5 words?


Jackson Banks
Smart witty humor. Well written.


Levi Rounds
Edgy, smart with a point.


Natashia Mower
Likeable, young and fresh material.


Jason Harvey
Down to earth, story teller.


Jonny Brandin
Bizarre, really out there stuff.

Why should people come to your show?

It’s only $3 to get in. This is a great way to come and sample what Utah comedy has to offer. We have some of what I think is the best talent in the state. There is also a great variety of styles on this show. I have worked with all of these comics and I am always excited to work with them again.

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Hosted by Christopher Stephenson