This week’s interview is outta this world.  Sorry, that was stupid.  Let’s start over.

Our very special guest this week is Alien Warrior Comedian aka The Nterloper.  He is a 7 foot tall alien who shares his unique experiences about being a visitor on Earth.  He currently resides in Las Vegas, but AWC has been all over the place.  He is a 2-time participant of the World Series of Comedy, appeared on Last Comic Standing and the Dr. Demento Show.  You can also catch him at comedy clubs and Comic Cons throughout the country.  He was recently in town to participate at the Comedy Carnivale and instantly became a fan favorite and a fan of the local comedy scene.

He is back for more, so come check out his unique style of comedy this Saturday at K-Town Komedy at Club DJs.  He will not abduct and probe you if you are in attendance. Just something to think about people.  Unless you are into that probing thing. That is really none of my business.

Describe yourself in 10 words or less?
1.Misanthropic.   2.Arrogant    3.Elitist.   4.Pontificating   5.Truthful   6.Tricksy   7.Provocative    8.Sexy   9.Racial   10.Sanctimonious   11.Contumacious (Clever, my friend, clever)

AlienWallNterloperWhat planet are you from and what is your mission on earth?
I’m from Satiri IV; a habitable world 433 light years from Earth. There are several reasons I’m here. Study, learn, Deride and Conquer (to name a few).

What got you started in comedy?
Its a great form of artistic expression, and light mind control. You can get an entire audience thinking like you without using Regulan Brain Crabs, water boarding, or extra grabby clothes pins.

Who are your biggest inspirations in comedy?
80s classics. The first Stand Up I ever saw was Eddie Murphy in Delirious. His craft and works altered my path to the soul sucking, self-absorbed self-promoting career I have today. After that, I ingested others like Dennis Wolfburg, Vic Dunlop, and Tim Allen to name a few.

How long have you been doing comedy?
By Earth standards? Since 1988.

Who has been the biggest help for you in your comedy career?
The Humans, themselves. They provide endless material.

How do you other comics react to having to perform with an alien?
Usually when I walk in to a venue there are two types of responses.  Either they’ve heard of me and come over for a picture, or they have that “WTF” moment I spoke of earlier.  They are apprehensive. They stand away, looking at me out of the corner of their eyes.  Muttering amongst themselves.  By the time I get off stage they understand better and are more open to say hello, take pictures, ask questions.

What suggestions/advice would you give to other comics on your home planet on trying to break the Earth’s comedy scene?<
Write clean.  Be edgy, not shocky.   Think deeply;  Explore your content from many angles.  Bring your own perspective and point of view.  First do a couple years of Stand Up Comedy onstage. Find out who “you” are. Find your voice. Learn to craft the act. Then wait till I write the book and purchase it.

You were just involved in the Salt Lake Comedy Carnivale. What did you think of the festival?
It was good for a first festival. It was not without adversity, particularly when a few venues changed on us. I think the organizers did a good job meeting the challenges. I especially liked the outdoor venue (although I couldn’t initially locate it even with a GPS). For an outdoor stage it had a certain charm, and didn’t lack crowd intimacy which you sometimes get with an exterior show.

How did the crowds react to you as a comic being so different than someone we typically see?
I think the crowds react more to what they ‘hear’ than what they see. Once they understand what I’m about, it all falls into place. People who see me out and about? Well, there’s always going to be a WTF moment.

WSOCCYou recently attended the World Series of Comedy in Vegas, tell us about your experience there? Competition, experiences, atmosphere, etc.
In 2011 I placed in the Semi Finals. I’m a fan of WSOC because win or lose you get to showcase for the comedy club owners and bookers. The organizers actually conduct a meet and greet so you can drop your press kit right in their hand. It’s also a great place to network with the other comics. My personal experience? I can’t complain, I made the top 8 again in 2013.

What was one joke in your career that you have told that has stood out the most?
That’s a question for the audience. By applause I think they respond most to my Alien solutions for Earths problems. I have all the answers.

You are currently residing in Las Vegas, what is the comedy scene there like?
There are many different aspects to the comedy scene in Vegas starting with open mics all the way up to established historic comedy clubs. Only a few of the majors here care to cultivate local talent, although some of us are getting guest spots. Big clubs come and go so quickly. Sometimes those clubs change venues or move to another Hotel. You also have local big names such as Carrot Top, George Wallace, Louie Anderson, and Amazing Jonathan. Some local up and comers have had the opportunity to open for them. Next down the line are shows that take place on or near the major tourist spots such as Fremont Street or a bar in a Hotel even some local major strip clubs. Local up and comers have great access to these venues as they are often booked and run by the locals themselves. I’ve headlined the show at the Clarion Hotel and Casino for the last 1.5 years. I have a regular spot once a month at the Historic Palomino Gentleman’s Club and a few other venues. There is some great underground theater that happens around the city too. Comedians will often work Variety Shows here that include circus freaks, burlesquers, drag queens, magicians, professional wrestlers, puppeteers, aerialists, singers …every type of entertainer you can imagine. Finally we have the open mics which often take place at local bars off the strip and in surrounding neighborhood taverns or Hookah lounges. These are kind of what you might expect, often a smokey room full of comedians (who outnumber the audience) honing their craft and getting down and dirty. Some of the local comedians who have their own rooms have made arrangements for a Fryers Club night where everyone and anyone in entertainment (most notably comics) get together to network and chat and eat free food provided by the venue. It’s usually by invite.

As exciting as it may all sound, Las Vegas itself is lacking real culture. Comedy is overshadowed by the vomitous regurgitant corporate copycat ventures out to snare and compete for tourist dollars. I’m not saying it’s not artistic, but it is created and recreated for one thing…to attract and take tourist money (Yes, that includes YOU Cirque Du Soleil).

What do you think of the Utah comedy scene? Good and bad?
I was hugely impressed. Not just with the comics, but with a supportive city who comes out to watch comics grow. In so many places, getting audience to come out is like pulling teeth, and getting them to sit through the entire show is like trying to push them back into the empty gum hole. I also checked out the open mic at Wise Guys. Full audience! I didn’t like 3 minute sets, but there is clearly a vibrant scene of creative comics in Salt Lake.

What things did you see that could make it better from your quick visit during the Carnivale?
You have a lot of homeless in downtown. Herd them into the comedy venue for bigger audiences. You’ll get an awesome demo reel.

Who are some of your favorite Utah comics you have got to perform with?
John Hilder is a favorite in both our towns.

K-Town KomedyWhat shows do you have coming up in Utah and beyond?
Steve McInelly is bringing me up for his K-Town show on Oct 19th. I also have a quick one nighter at Toadz in Cedar City. End of the Month I’m in Albuquerque for JACK O CON and I was accepted into the Seattle International Comedy Competition, but had already accepted Boston Comedy Festival (they fall on the same week) on November 12th.

How can people connect with you?
My Facebook page is “Alien Warrior Comedian” or my website:

I am trying to work out a show with Alien Warrior Comic at a very popular event next year.  Stay tuned for more details as it develops. If it doesn’t happen pretend I never said this because that would be embarrassing.