The very lovable Steve McInely talked with us here at It’s Always Funny in Salt Lake City.  Steve is the founder of the uber-popular K-Town Komedy showcase at Club DJs in Kearns.  A show that has to be seen to be believed.

Steve talks to us about who is the best lover, K-Town Komedy and his impending move to Las Vegas.

Make sure to check out K-Town this weekend and the few other show he has before he leaves us.  (tear)

Describe yourself in 10 words or less?

Driven perfectionist that loves his family and life.

If you could be stranded on a desert island with one celebrity, one circus animal and one inanimate object, who/what would they be and why?

I’d be stranded with Pink, her talent with her voice and her body would be great!
A circus monkey I’d take, he could climb and pick us coconuts and when we are bored, we could have shit flinging contests!
Object- Fishing Pole, so I could have something to do, besides Pink.

Who would make a better lover? Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa or animatronic animals at Chuck E Cheese’s? Explain your reasoning.

Mother Teresa , she was a very loving and compassionate woman with a body that nobody else had pleasured, and I’m sure I could do just that!

Why did you start doing stand up comedy?

Because I needed more attention! Seriously I’ve always enjoyed laughing and seeing other people smiling and laughing  inspired me to want to try that and so I let the torture begin by getting onstage!

Who are your biggest inspirations in comedy?

I’m a fan of many styles of stand up and a few inspire me to be better every time I see anything they’ve ever done and that includes George Carlin, Eddie Murphy, Sam Kinison, Robert Schimmel, Lucille Ball and Mitch Fatel.

How long have you been doing comedy?

Other than messing around at parties with a karaoke microphone and telling jokes, I started almost 5 years ago and still get haunted by how bad my first set was!

photo 2Who has been the biggest help for you in your comedy career?

Truth is my wife has been the biggest help, mainly because she’s so brutally honest about jokes whether they’re funny or not! And also Club Djs has been a huge help to me, it’s not everyday a club is willing to give you full control over a show and trust your decision that it’ll be a quality show and have your back covered on it!

When did you start K Town Komedy? Why?

It started on February 18th, 2010.

When I started doing comedy in 2009 you really only had 3 minutes a week at Wiseguys and 5-10 minutes at Mo’s. You could get guest spots also for paying shows which are still only 3-5 minutes.  There was no other comedy going on at the time and Club DJs asked me if I’d like to give it a trial run and see if it’d work. The first show had a standing room only crowd that were very into seeing live uncensored comedy, and by the time the first show had ended the club had already booked me for the next 3 months and it’s been going ever since.

What have been one of your favorite shows over the life of the show?

It’s hard to pick out just one because I genuinely have fun every time I’m at K-Town. From the Joker vs Joker contests to the Food Bank benefits and even the Roast of Santa Claus, the shows are always just fun to be part of!

photo 2What is the biggest name that you have had on K-Town?

Define biggest? Lots of letters or tons of credits? If you go by TV or movie and radio credits there have been many that have been on TV and radio, that list would include Bob Bedore, Jose Bacio, John Hilder, Mark Weitz, CiCi Chambers, Melissa Merlot and even myself! But probably most recognizable because of the dual style of comedy act he does would be The Alien Warrior Comedian (Mark). He was on Last Comic Standing and attends Comic Cons all over the country and that gets him a following of comedy fans and geeks!

What makes the crowds at K-Town so great in your opinion?

They’re great because they get it, they love comedy and enjoy laughing at the many styles of comedians I’ve put on the show that range from clean to dirty. The crowds that follow my show understand that I’m putting on a quality show and they come ready to laugh!

You are moving to Las Vegas, what is the future of K-Town Komedy?

The future of the show hasn’t been settled yet, I’m trying to find the right person to fit this show and continue to try and make it bigger and better! By January at my last show, I’ll have a new person in place!

photo 1What are you plans comedy-wise once you get to Vegas? 

My plans are to always become a better comic and start expanding around Vegas and into Phoenix and LA over the next few years. I’ve got some friends already in the Vegas comedy world that run shows and I’ve already got some fun things lined up in the new year.

What are you going to miss most about the Utah Comedy Scene?

I’ll miss my show more than you think, it’s been my baby for 4 years and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it!

Are going to do anything with Utah comics in Vegas?

If Utah comics come down to Vegas I’ll help in anyway I can, I’ll be starting at the bottom of the comedy food chain there but I’m good with that and when I’ve got any pull for sure I’ll help, Utah has some funny people here!

photo 3What do you know about the Las Vegas Comedy Scene? How does it compare?

I know that it’s more competitive there than here just because of how many rooms and comics are there and that’s not including the big name comics and clubs on the strip and the casinos.

Vegas has more comedy rooms and showcases than Salt Lake, but comedy wise I’m still impressed with some of our local Utah comedians, we’ve got talent here!

What tips would you give to a comedian who want to start his own comedy show?

The best advice I can give anyone wanting to do this is simple— if you’re not willing to bust your ass to make the room work, don’t even try it, it’s more work than people think it is and don’t get me wrong it’s a rewarding work if you’re willing to put in the effort. Running a room a person needs to understand the business side and the entertainment side as well, you have to be a self promoting whore to get asses in seats and you still need to constantly write new material in order to keep your act fresh so your followers will come back.

What is one joke that you have done that has stood out or been a crowd favorite?

It is probably the first joke I wrote, it’s simply called “the vagina” joke and it’s the cleanest dirty joke you’ll get, I’ve been using that joke for almost 5 years, I don’t use it every time but I’ll throw it back out recently and it’s getting better laughs now than back then.

What do you think of the local comedy scene? Good and bad?

It’s a good scene for sure, there is always room for improvement and that’s just getting more people in the doors to enjoy comedy live!

photo 1What would make it better?

Having another full time comedy club here would make this scene better. That’s not a knock on the club here now, it’s just more opportunity for local comics to get stage time and improve their acts.

What is one cool thing that is happening in the Utah Comedy scene that you are excited about?

The most exciting thing this last year in Utah comedy was the SLC Comedy Carnivale that was put together by comics and run by comics (Andrew and Christopher) ! That was a great way for all of us involved to make connections to other comics that were here from all over the country and expose them to how good Utah comedy really is!

Who are some of the difference makers/favorites in the comedy scene? Why?

Besides myself? The difference makers I see in this scene are the people that continue to support live comedy by either being at the shows or sharing the links and inviting friends to watch. We are all in this together and success takes hard work and energy!

How can people connect with you?
Twitter and instagram @stevemcomedy
Facebook – Mc.theman
YouTube – McDolphins13

1450739_727702347259744_1146263405_nI’ve got the following shows left in Utah:
December 14th K-Town Komedy at Club Djs 7:30 pm
December 18th at Lumpys South 7:00 and 9:00 pm
January 18th K-Town Komedy at Club DJs 7:30 pm