What is the name of your show?

My show is called Comedy! And Other Opinions.

When is your show being held?

This Thursday, January 16th.

What is the location and cost of the show?

It’s at 5 Monkeys and it’s only $5.

4800 South 7 East (not to be confused with 700 East)


What is the purpose of your show?

Just to give people a good reason to turn off the TV  disconnect from the internet, and come out and have a night of laughter, enjoyment, and gain and understanding that we have a great comedy scene here in Salt Lake.

Who is performing on your show? Describe each performer in 5 words?
Manuel Rodiguez
Great off the cuff, fresh


Toy Soup
Great comedic chemistry, energetic, fresh


Christopher Stephenson
Honest, personal, fresh, very funny

Why should people come to your show?

1. This line up is great.
2. The show will be a lot of fun.
3. It’s a good break from the routine of work, dinner, sleep, work, dinner, sleep, work, dinner, sleep, work, dinner, sleep, don’t kill yourself, work dinner, sleep.
4. You might laugh so hard that you get firm abs, and just a way better looking core. You probably will laugh that hard, only way to know is if you attend the show.
5. Manuel Rodiguez might stab me if you don’t come. He hasn’t made any threats, I’m just speculating, but if you don’t come to the show one of my very good friends might stab me.
6. In all honesty you should come to the show because it will be a fun time out. 5 Monkeys has great food, even better drinks, and the stage area is set up perfect for this comedy show.
7. I could go on and on with reasons to come to the show, but the best reason to come to the show is to see some of the best comedy the state has to offer. You will get to see them perform and then answer some dumb random questions and there is crowd interactions. So come laugh really hard and be part of something.

Ps. Reason #8. This show will be oh so FRESH.



Hosted by Jason Harvey