What is the name of your show?

Comedy Night At AllStar

When is your show being held?

February 8th at 7PM

What is the location and cost of the show?

Allstar Sports Bar and Grill
1111 North 200 West
Tooele Utah


What is the purpose of your show?

Two fold.
One, we are doing a fund raiser for Mike Quarnberg. Mike Suffered a massive hart attack and does not have insurance to cover his medial expenses.
Two, to have a great comedy show for the people of Tooele My home town. We are hoping if it goes well we will be able to make it a monthly event.

Who is performing on your show? Describe each performer in 5 words?



Host – Jay Whittaker
Funny, Charismatic, Engaging, Handsome, Telepathic.


Guest – Michael Schooley
Funny, Young, Creative, Handsome, Levitation.


Feature – Guy Siedel
Funny, Caring, Single, Handsome, Regenerates.


Headliner – Jamie Maxfield
Funny, Old, Musty, Handsome, Elastic.

Why should people come to your show?

To forget that tax season is coming. To forget about your problems and see some live comedy. Nothing is like live Stand-up. You will have a great time with friends or by yourself. Its also for a for a great cause.