What is the name of your show?

Jokers Gone Wild: The Perfectly Normal Show

When is your show being held?

Saturday, January 4

What is the location and cost of the show?

The Fifth – 980 N. 500 W. Bountiful, UT


What is the purpose of your show?

Kevin: Showcase the abnormally zany side of local comedy.

Marcus:  Our show is to provide a show for local comics that’s not open mic and to make us rich and get chicks?

Who is performing on your show? Describe each performer in 5 words?


Mike Mireles

Donkey hating child bearing Raider.



Marcus Whisler

Flamboyantly jeweled, guitar player, mucus.



Jonny Bradin

Spontaneous, surprising, wild, clinically insane.



Jackson Banks

Voracious sex stallion/dragon slayer.



Spence Roper

Beautiful, faithful, Gizmo hating terrorist.

Why should people come?

Kevin: Well, with the show being on January 4, just a couple days into the new year, there will be people coming down from their 5 day long party binge. The odds of that crashing person stumbling into their house, duct taping them, blindfolding them and orally raping them with the family cat’s litter box shovel are much greater than that person finding them at the bar. So, basically, attending this show will be for their own safety. Plus, it’s 21+, so that means there won’t be any shitty children screaming and crying and bitching and saying things like “But mommy and daddy, I haven’t had any food or water since Christmas! Please! Don’t let me die!” Sheesh, kids can be so whiny. Also, I won’t be there, so that’s a bonus for everyone involved.

Marcus: For laughs and freshly peed pants of course.  But to help keep the show going so we ca provide an alternate venue for local comedians.  We probably have similar qualities as the other awesome independent shows.  We’re trying to build a fan base and offer something a bit more north of SLC area to help get some of the Ogden folk involved.