Key Lewis is hilarious. This is the truth. Anyone who has seen his high energy act will attest to the fact. He visits with It’s Always Funny in Salt Lake City to talk about hats, his favorite place to perform and what he has coming up in 2014.

Fresh off a recent victory at the 2013 Rocky Mountain Laugh Off and a move to California, Key returns to Utah this week for a weekend of shows at Wiseguys in Ogden. Check it out, you will have a sore mouth from laughing so hard for 4 to 6 weeks minimum. I promise. Ask a doctor before attending if you have a history of laugh induced soreness and fatigue.

Describe yourself in 10 words or less?

Funny, animated, stubborn, busy body, know it all, caring and sexy.

Hats! How many? Favorite? What hat are you getting next? I love hats too.

Only 25. Favorite hat, Yankees. Next hat, SF Giants.

What’s your recipe?  Both for your success in comedy and your favorite Christmas time treat?

Don’t act funny, be funny and get on stage as much as possible.  Peppermint bark with JD

KeyLewis_micWhy did you start doing stand up comedy?

I was influenced by stand up at an early age.  Love to make people laugh.   Love to be center of attention.  Richard Pryor was huge influence along with Eddie Murphy.

Who are your biggest inspirations in comedy?

Louis C.K.,  Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor and George Carlin

How long have you been doing comedy?

10 years.

Who has been the biggest help for you in your comedy career?

Sam Espanola ( and Keith Stubbs.

What consistent gigs have you been able to get in California? Where is your favorite place to perform there?

One nighters with 8 people.   Pasadena Ice House is my favorite. I’ve been to Comedy Store, Laugh Factory and currently hosting a room at the Rusted Mic in Lodi.

What is the best and worst part of being a comic in California?

Worst part, there are to many comedians.   Best part, the idea that at any moment something great can happen.

What was it like winning the RMLO?  What benefits has it given you in your comedy career?

Winning it was fantastic. Benefits….still waiting to reap the rewards.

You have participated in a lot of festivals and other competitions.  Which one was your favorite and why?

Seattle International Comedy Competition because the amount of locations and the diverse crowds made it challenging.

KeyLewis_closeWhat advice would you give someone wanting to compete in these on the national level?

Have a super strong 10 minutes and throw it away, and write an even stronger 10 minutes.

What TV appearance have you made in the past? 

TV 1 Who’s Got Jokes?, Kevin Hart’s One Mic Stand, Starz Network StaannDup, We Got Next on Aspire.  It was a good experience.

What is your upcoming appearance on StaannDup on Starz all about?  When is it?

It will air week of Feb 17th.  It’s a uncensored group of crazy comedians.

What does it take to get those types of TV opportunities?

Building and maintaining relationships and being funny.

Besides the Starz appearance, what big things do you have planned for 2014?

Late Night on Conan audition and Arsenio Hall!

What singular event in your comedy career stands out the most?

When I learned how to work clean in Utah.

What is one joke that you have done that has stood out or been a crowd favorite?

Steal stuff and take it back. Something about the black side that is so honest.

What do you think of the Utah comedy scene? Good and bad?

It is very good because the comics are unselfish.

What would make it better?

More clubs.

What is one cool thing that is happening in the Utah Comedy scene that you are excited about?

The growth of the comics and the festivals.

How does the Wiseguys clubs and other Utah venues compare to others around the country that you have performed at?

Wiseguys club is fantastic.   Good crowds.  No hecklers.


What shows do you have coming up in Utah and otherwise?

Wiseguys Ogden. December 27 and 28

How can people connect with you?