On Thursday, August 29, 2013 I had the honor to participate in the in the first live podcast of the Where’s The Punch? Podcast Live @5 Monkeys.

The premise of the Where’s the Punch podcast is simple: comics discuss jokes they’re working on and try to figure out literally where the punch line is. What’s unique about doing this live is that you’re got to see the comics do their sets,then discuss it with you and Jamie after it’s all said and done. You’re got to learn what goes on in the minds of these twisted, yet hilarious individuals!

On the show I performed with Michael Schooley, Dylan Cole and Grant Collet with Brian Pope, Jamie Maxfield and Ben Fuller hosting.

It was a very fun experience and a chance to discuss some of the jokes that I really enjoyed writing.

Here is the full audio from the podcast for your listening enjoyment.  Listen to the whole thing or you can listen to when I come in at around 11 minutes.